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Terra Viva combines a love for plants with all things food related, now a rising star in Woolston, Christchurch offering truly authentic artisan baked goods. We needed to unify the three disparate brands under one parent brand, bringing to life the newest of the three businesses. Spinifex took the existing Terra Viva logo and applied distinctive typography and designed symbolic marks for each separate entity.

We then set to work designing a mural, brand collateral and producing photography that would see the new bakery rise quickly to fame in an area in desperate need of an authentic artisan bakery.

Logo Design

TV Logos


Terra Viva Typeface 

Brand Collateral

Terra Viva Bus Cards

Terra Viva Bake LetterheadSign

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Mural Design

Terra Viva Wall Montage

Terra Viva Wall Montage2


Terra Viva Bake Photos1


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